About Jay

Jay Valentin grew up in Arizona, drawing free-hand comic book and movie characters. In college he only took art classes, soon finding his mentor, a Hollywood movie poster artist from the 80’s, inspiring Jay to be a painter full time. Shortly after, Jay fell in love with the street art movement which embraced bright colors and pop culture references. This inspired the development of his own unique style, injecting Russian-Impressionism and fine art techniques into his own Pop Art Impressionism. Jay became a hit on social media, making huge waves on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more, leading him to make sales and commissions. His success paved a clear path to the art world. Jay continues to inspire through his art with his unique vibrancy and visual appeal.

“My family motivates me! They became a fixed point of reality and time I cannot ignore or neglect! I must take my skills to the next level so my kids can grow up inspired to achieve! Thank you my Lord for all the great people you can positioned in my life. I know my debt to you is high but I promise I’ll make it up to you GOD may you be blessed.” – Jay Valentin